A fun-filled Easter at our accommodation in Sóller

One of the unmissable events in Sóller’s festive calendar this year will be taking place between Sunday the 5th of April, known as Palm Sunday, and the 12th of April, Resurrection Sunday. These festivities have a great religious and cultural importance and respond to the needs of a town to respect and pay homage to […]

Celebrate Christmas with Lluna Aqua by Unusual Hotels in Sóller

If there was an allegorical period of happiness, it would be Christmas. Christmas brings together families, it makes everyone happy and satisfies the appetite of millions of people in the world, who year after year, take the opportunity to meet-up with all those they love. The traditions and customs of each country determines many of […]

With Lluna Aqua by Unusual Hotels in Sóller, discover the charms of this magical town in the heart of the Mallorcan mountains

The deep impression that the panorama of Sóller offers its visitors, cloistered in a deep and beautiful valley that turns into a singular microcosm in the middle of the mountains of Mallorca, not only doesn’t vanish when entering this singular village, but it is reinforced when perceiving its magical charm, in a privileged scenic environment, […]

Discover the “Golden valley” at our hotel in Sóller

Our hotel in Sóller has hidden within it an incredible history which we have to thank for our existence and a magic air which is breathed on a day to basis amidst our modernist walls. Apart from the main focal points of our interior which add value to a stay like no other, there is […]
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