The local products that you can’t miss by Lluna Aqua by Unusual Hotels in Sóller

We know that it is not possible to take a whole town home with you when you go on holiday. It’s physically impossible. Normally, the experience remains in our memories and we must resort to words to try and retell some of the best moments during our getaway. But there are places where the tradition and culture are reflected in their produce and gastronomy, so in this case it is possible to take home a small fragment of the area. At Lluna Aqua by Unusual Hotels in Sóller we are extremely fortunate to have our establishment in the beautiful town of Sóller: its products are one of the reasons why thousands of locals and tourists head to this town. Would you like to know what products are typical from this area? We will be telling you all this and more in this blog article. Pens at the ready!


Citrus from Sóller, the reason why it’s known as the “Golden Valley”

The oranges and lemons from Sóller are historically known for their quality and distinguishing characteristics across the Mediterranean. They were the reason why the town boomed economically in times gone by. Its trading with France and other points in Europe called the attention of investors who fixed their objectives on this town located in the Serra de Tramuntana, providing it with riches and fame. Its oranges and lemons can be eaten directly off the tree or prepared into marmalades, jams or as the well-known dried orange blossom. If you dare to reach the highest points of the area, you will see the panoramic beauty of the valley covered in this native product.


Olive oil, one of the basic pillars of the Mediterranean diet

When you decide to have a holiday in a Mediterranean gem, like Sóller, located on the island of Mallorca, you have so much to gain: the possibility of trying the extra virgin olive oil which is only available in certain areas, such as where you will find the Lluna Aqua by Unusual Hotels in Sóller. Its essence can be felt in the most exquisite way in most of the dishes of this area. And obviously: it is an excellent gift to take home. The Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P. in Spain) is an indicator that the oil has been produced in the area and which meets the minimum quality requirements for preserving its essence.


Flor de Sal, a condiment seasoned with lemons from Sóller

Salt is a fundamental condiment for all types of meals. It must always be consumed with precaution; however, it is one of the flavours which defines typical dishes in Mallorca. Flor de Sal is 100% sea salt which has been infused with the essence of lemons from the Sóller valley. This provides an excellent citrus tone which can just add that perfect final touch to meat and fish dishes. It is without a doubt an element which you need to taste.


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All this and much more, is waiting for you in Sóller. Lluna Aqua is in a modernist building in the old town where you can discover all these products in the local shops and stores, you can also appreciate the true architecture of the town and its beautiful surroundings reigned over by the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Reserve your room directly on our website and you will automatically receive a 10% promoweb discount, a continental breakfast, bottle of cava, free minibar and late check-out. We can’t wait to see you!