Modernism in Sóller

With the return of the first migrants from countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, America or Germany between 1920 and 1950 new ideas arrived. Amongst those you would find Art Nouveau, known as modernism. Sóller is, without a doubt, the urban centre where you will find the most examples of conserved modernism in all of the Balearic Islands. Lluna Aqua Hotel is located next to one of the most important museums in Mallorca, Can Prunera, and an obligatory stop on the modernism route.


Our home is the modernist building Casal Solariego. Unified to the Brondo Architect Hotel Atelier by the old train which since 1912 united Palma with Sóller. Jointly we host art exhibits and events and we are big generators and holders of artistic experiences and sponsors of emerging artists. Send us your proposal or artistic exhibition!

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