Hotel in Sóller: Unique rooms with modernist names


Every great project has an underlying inspiration which justifies its creativity. At times, having a great muse leads to great results. What has always worked will never disappoint. Which is why at our hotel in Sóller we are aware of our history, our muses and our inspiration which form a linked network. Would you like to know who and what has formed part of the foundations at Lluna Aqua Hotel? We will be telling you all about it in detail in this blog.


Painters, writers, ceramicists and architects at our hotel in Sóller

We don’t hide away. Modernism is the artistic current which props up our back bone. Artists, painters, ceramicists and architects form part of our basis of inspiration and it is precisely these artists, painters, writers, ceramicists and architects who have named our rooms. Our hotel in the old town of Sóller doesn’t have numbers; it has muses. Just as our hotel has been bolstered by an incredible history which was born in the heyday of modernism, we want you to have a small piece of this legacy during your stay.


The stars of our hotel in the old town of Sóller

The rooms at our hotel in Sóller are categorized according to their features: standard double, premium double, junior suite and suite. All of the luxury that you might want, in one sole location: in the centre of one of the most charming towns of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The naming of our rooms was carefully created with the intention of bringing together the most important exhibitionists of the movement in each of their fields. Finally, our rooms were named after the following artists: Gaudí (architect), Tiffany (designer), Picasso (painter), Casas (writer), Llimona (writer), Gallé (ceramicist), Feure (painter), Bru (sculptor), Machado (writer), Klimt (painter), Wagner (architect), Horta (architect), Sunyer (painter) y Frida (artist). The result is 14 artists who all share a common factor: the modernist spirit in their creations.


Where to find us

In order to find our unusual modernist hideaway, you need to head towards the centre of Sóller, where the history of the town lies and where you will find the main neurological centre for the Serra de Tramuntana. It is a building from the start of the 20th century located only 10 metres from the Plaza Constitución, one of the birthplaces of modernist architecture in Mallorca. When this building was first constructed it could not have been imagined that it would turn in to the fully functioning hotel that it is today.


Reserve your room at our hotel in Sóller

If you want to experiment with the essence of classic modernism in a modern and on-trend surrounding, Lluna Aqua Hotel is your home. Nature, curved and asymmetric lines and emotion fill every corner of our establishment, which has recently been renovated by Unusual Hotels with the end goal of guaranteeing a comfortable and impeccable stay which exceeds all of your expectations. Do you have a query? Would you like to reserve a room at our hotel in Sóller? Don’t worry, we have the solution: Reserve your room at our hotel in Sóller and discover the mysteries of your favourite artists transformed in to a metaphor through the best accommodation. We will be waiting for you!